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02/18/2017 SERMON





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The entrance gate on South Carolina Highway 327 (Williston Road).


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The alter and sanctuary side of Christ Church which faces Highway 327.


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The narthex and south transept of the church. This photo was taken prior to August of 2015, before the old oak tree in the foreground was taken down as it was dying of disease. The photo below is as the scene looks today, without the old tree.
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The narthex, the gathering space and the entrance and exit, to Christ Church.


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The north transept and narthex of the church.


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The north transept includes accessibility for wheelchairs.


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The alter from the middle of the nave.


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View from the chancel, of the doors to the narthex.


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Windows in the south transept.


Christ Church 007.jpg (349550 bytes)
Walkway to the front of the parish house, on the left, and the picnic area at the right.


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The front of the parish house, facing Highway 327.


Christ Church 004.jpg (319991 bytes)
The rear of the parish house.


Christ Church 015.jpg (266843 bytes)
Most of the cemetary from near the rear of the parish house.


PancakeChefs2018.jpg (158964 bytes)
The Three Amigos Chefs at the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, February 13, 2018


PancakeLine2018.jpg (154754 bytes)
The serving line at the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, February 13, 2018... Who ordered more apple sauce?


PancakePatrons2018.jpg (193298 bytes)
"Patrons of the Pancakes" at the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, February 13, 2018