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    As the fall of 1952 approached, the funds in Christ Church Treasury began to dwindle. The members of the congregation, with others who were interested in the Church, got together and served a turkey luncheon on Wednesday, December 10, 1952, to help the Church along with its program. The proceeds from this luncheon, together with gifts of money from friends who wished to help Christ Church, amounted to $212.00.
    When the cold weather set in and it became necessary to have heat, the congregation discovered that the gas heater did not give adequate heat for a church of that size with such high ceilings, and something would have to be done about it. So the Peoples Gas Company consented to take back the tank and all installments and give the Church a refund. The gas heater was eventually sold and the money put into Christ Church Repair Fund.
    Mr. Fred R. Davies, who married Miss Louise Bultman (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Bultman of Mars Bluff), hearing of the Church's unfortunate situation offered a coal heater that he had stowed away, which was gratefully received and served the purpose very well.
    On Sunday, January 18, 1953, after the usual monthly service at Christ Church, the congregation held its annual business meeting to present the yearly reports and elect officers for the coming year. There being so few men in the Church, Thomas A. Gregg was kept as Warden, Mr. Edw. P. Ashby as secretary, and Mrs. Constance Ashby Gregg was elected treasurer. The Vestry was to consist of Mr. Francis Bacot Rogers, Mr. E. P. Ashby and Mr. Thomas A. Gregg. It was decided that the pledge of $100.00 made to the Porter Military Academy Development Fund be sent at once. That spring Christ Church lost a most devoted and active member of its congregation, by the death of Miss Elizabeth Ashby Gregg, more familiarly known as Miss Bessie A. Gregg, author of "A Sketch of Christ Episcopal Church Florence County, South Carolina." She passed away April 21, 1953, and was buried in Christ Church Cemetery.


    Because of the fact that it was her grandfather, Dr. Edward Porcher, who gave the land on which the Church was built, and he and his wife were two of the chief promoters in the building of the Church, Miss Bessie was deeply concerned in writing a sketch of Christ Church. Consequently, she spent many years in doing research work and recalling the many well remembered talks with her grandmother, Mrs. Edward Porcher. She succeeded in getting the desired information to make an interesting account of the early building and growth of the Church.
    It was sometime before her death that she conceived the idea of getting a new Altar Cross, one much larger and more suitable for a Church of that size, as a "Memorial to the Founders and Original Members of Christ Church". Naturally, she turned to the descendants of those original members who would be most interested and appreciative of her efforts. After writing and contacting many of them and getting generous and willing responses to her calls, she collected almost enough to serve her purpose, but illness and death overtook her and she did not live to see her desire materialize. Shortly after her death other members of the congregation who had the same interest at heart under took to carry her plans through and finished raising enough funds to buy a beautiful Cross and have it engraved with the following inscription:





    On May 3, 1953, Christ Church lost another life-long member, Mr. Ellwyn M. Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rogers (and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers, two of the builders of the Church.) He was buried in the family lot in Christ Church Cemetery.


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