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...Mr. and Mrs. John Parker Gregg) to Mr. Thomas Lang Beaty of Florence, South Carolina, took place. The Rev. Louis A. Haskell performed the ceremony.
    On September 6, 1949, Mr. Charles E. Gregg, son of Mr. Thomas E. Gregg and Claude de Cherigny Porcher Gregg, and grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Porcher, passed away. And on February 6, 1951, death came to his sister, Miss Mary Stevens Gregg. Both were life-long members of Christ Church, and gave their services freely and willingly to the interest of the Church. They were buried in Christ Church Cemetery in the family lot of three generations back.
    During the year of 1949, Christ Church community was saddened by the deaths of two of its former members, who were faithful attendants whenever services were held there, until ill health prevented their attending any Church services. First, Mrs. Herbert Corrie, formerly Mary Chisolm Gregg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gregg of Mars Bluff, South Carolina, died November 14, 1949. Then on December 17, 1949, Mrs. J. C. C. Brunson formerly Elizabeth Ashby, passed away. They were both buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Florence, South Carolina.

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After the meeting of the congregation of Christ Church, May 27, 1950, it was determined that there were several pressing needs to be met immediately. The members of the congregation and friends of the Church, with the help of the minister in charge (The Rev. Louis A. Haskell), let it be known that any contributions or aid given to fill these needs would be gratefully received. Consequently, by the end of that year or the beginning of the next, 1951, the following additions were made: a used Estey organ was given to the Church by the Woman's Auxiliary of the Church of the Advent, Marion, S. C., the electrical wiring for the organ and lights were installed; sixty Prayer Books


were sent from the Oxford University Press, by the New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, on request of Bishop Carruthers; a check for $10.00 toward the purchasing of new Hymnals; an overhead gas fan heating unit was given by Mr. John O'Dowd (with the understanding that it could be sold if it didn't work satisfactorily and the money used for the Church) and installed by Mr. Marion Lucas, Jr.; a Parish Register was given by Mrs. Hannah Waring Matthews in memory of her mother, Mrs. Hannah Pawley Waring.
    On November 18, 1951, a Confirmation Service was held by Bishop Carruthers, the first to he held at Christ Church in many years. The two members that were confirmed were Cornelia M. Rogers and Robert M. Rogers, Jr., the daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rogers, the grand children of Mr. John Schott Rogers and Anna Bacot Rogers. About fifty persons attended this service.
    The congregation of Christ Church held its annual meeting on January 20, 1952 to elect officers. Mr. Thomas Ashby Gregg was re-elected Warden, Mr. Edward Peyre Ashby, Secretary, and Mr. Robert M. Rogers, Treasurer. These three constituted the Vestry. The congregation voted a three year rotation system for Warden and Vestrymen, the senior member being ineligible for re-election for a period of one year. At this same meeting the congregation assumed the responsibility of raising $100.00 for the Porter Military Academy Development Fund, and they voted unanimously to give the organ, formerly used in the Church, to Camp St. Christopher, if the Camp needed it for the 1952 session. Also, Mr. Edward Peyre Ashby, was elected as a delegate to attend the Diocesan Convention and Mr. Thomas A. Gregg as an alternate.
    Sometime during the spring of 1952, a beautiful new Prayer Desk was made and presented to Christ Church by Mr. Samuel Hugh Ervin. It was a fine bit of workmanship and was made out of a beautiful piece of wood, heart longleaf pine. Christ Church was much indebted to Mr. Ervin for this most useful and much needed addition to its furnishings. This desk was dedicated at the home-coming service that was held there on June 1, 1952, at 3 P.M.


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