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...Charles Edwards Gregg, and Mr. J. W. Howard were asked to solicit a certain sum each. Chisolm Wallace acted as treasurer and helped with the supervision of the work. A composition roof replaced the one of decayed shingles, new steps were put of brick, and the building repainted inside and out. H. M. Kyle gave a fine check which was used towards a new carpet.
    At sometime,when the Church was closed, the Bible was stolen from the lectern and the Communion silver lost. In the spring of 1946, Misses Mary and Emma Bacot, and Francis Bacot Rogers (brother of Mason Rogers) gave a beautiful chalice and paten in memory of Mason Rogers who was lost on the Juno. John Parker Bultman gave a brass missal stand for the Altar. With gifts of money which he had received, Mr. Poynor got a bread box, a cruet, and two beautiful prayer books, a large one for the Altar (an Altar Missal) and a smaller one. Mrs. J. L. Richardson gave a cruet. All of these were and used consecrated for the first time at a Communion Service which Mr. Poynor had on the morning of June 15, 1946, just before leaving for Alabama. At the same service we presented Mr. and Mrs. Poynor with a silver plate to be used in their new home. As things worked out, their home is right in Florence.
    On the first Sunday in December 1946, Rev. Mr. Louis A. Haskell was installed by Bishop Carruthers as rector of St. John's, Florence. Christ Church was not included in his work.
    Wherever my brother and I went at that time we passed the Church closed, un-needed, uncared for. Finally I went to Mr. Haskell and suggested to do something about it. He talked with the Bishop and the outcome was a call to meet with the Bishop and him at our home on the evening of November 28, 1949. All of that afternoon and evening, we had a series of hard thunder showers, which made the unpaved road risky. So Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kyle and Mrs. E. M. Matthews were the only ones who braved obstacles and came to the meeting. Our enthusiasm was enough to outweigh our lack of numbers. The Bishop was very encouraging and said he would be glad to cooperate with us. He asked Mr.


Haskell to give us two afternoon services a month, which he agreed to do. The first of these services was held on the third Sunday of December,1948. At this meeting Mr. Kyle volunteered to have made two signs to put up on the road in front of the Church. The signs are very attractive giving the name of the Church, the minister in charge, and the hour of the service.
    On a Saturday afternoon of January, 1950, Mr. Haskell called all who were interested in Christ Church to meet with him and the Bishop at St.John's Parish House. The response was surprisingly good. Twelve persons signed up for Christ Church and a mission was formed. Ashby Gregg was made warden and Robert Rogers secretary-treasurer. Later five others joined us. It was decided at this meeting to hold one service a month - each third Sunday.
    On May 27, 1950, we held another meeting at the Parish House to discuss plans for putting a new sill under the north side of the building and minor repairs; heating, lighting, and an organ. We would have to raise at least $1,500.00. A number of suggestions were made which furnished good food for thought, but nothing definite was decided.
    Two of our ministers were buried in the Church yard; four of those who ministered to us have become Bishops; one volunteered for Foreign Service, and, I think, was sent to Haiti. And of our very own we have given Alice Gregg who is serving in China. On the day Alice was confirmed in Christ Church, she was the only candidate; so her grandmother went up and stood by her during the service. This made a most unusual group; the dear old Bishop, Mr. Thomas, the pretty little white-haired lady, and the little girl of eleven.

Bessie A. Gregg

My thanks to:
        Bishop Thomas, Alice Beaty,
        Harry Lee Harllee, and Others for
        their help so graciously given


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