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    Sometime during the spring of 1953, Mr. Herbert Malloy Kyle, grandson of Mr. Archibald Hamilton Waring, saw the need of candle sticks for the Altar. He had always accompanied his aunt, Mrs. Hannah Waring Matthews, to Christ Church whenever it was possible for him to do so and always seemed interested in the Church. He was most generous in his contributions and he made a pair of "brass Eucharistic candlesticks" and presented them to the Church, which added to the solemn beauty and sweetness of the Altar Table.
    A marriage ceremony of wide spread interest in the community and surrounding towns took place at Christ Church on Thursday, June 18, 1953, when Miss Roberta Cummings Brunson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cummings Brunson (sister to Caroline McKellar Brunson who was married on August 9, 1947) became the bride of Mr. Francis Marion Rast of Manning, S.C. It was probably the largest wedding that had ever taken place in Christ Church.
    The Annual Home-Coming Service was held September 20, 1953, for which there was a large congregation. At this service the minister in charge, (Mr. Louis A. Haskell) officially presented and dedicated the new Altar Cross previously described; the brass candlesticks given by Mr. Kyle; and a reading stand to place on the lectern on which rests the Holy Bible. The stand was made of walnut which was grown on the Thomas Ashby plantation and given by Mr. Thomas Ashby Gregg, grandson of Mr. Thomas Ashby.
    On November 11, 1953, Christ Church community was saddened by the death of Miss Anne Peyre Ashby, daughter of Mr. Thomas Ashby and Julia Porcher Ashby, and granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Porcher. She was buried in Christ Church Cemetery.
    The year 1953 was one of many memorable events in the history of Christ Church, some glad and some sad, and one of the saddest of these was the day that the beloved and highly esteemed minister in charge, The Rev. Louis A. Haskell, announced to his congregation that he was leaving his fold to accept a call to St. John's Episcopal Church in Charleston, West Virginia.


    During the years of 1954 and '55 several improvements were made at Christ Church. All the old broken and cracked window panes were replaced by new transparent glass except the five windows in the Sanctuary in which were put lovely Florex glass. The most important was the painting of the Church on the outside which was made possible by the generous aid of Bishop Carruthers. The Rev. Wilmer S. Poynor, who had always been most interested in the Church and had helped in every way that he could for its upkeep, appealed to the Bishop for that help. Other much needed repairs were made to the floor.
    On December 2, 1954, Mrs. Hannah Waring Matthews passed away and was buried in Christ Church Cemetery beside her husband, Dr. E. M. Matthews, in the Waring lot.
    The following year, on February7, 1955, Miss Emma McCall Bacot died and was buried in Christ Church Cemetery, in the family lot. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Bacot, and lived in Christ Church Community all of her life.
    After Mr. Haskell left Florence, services were continued to be held once a month by the Rev. Wilmer S. Poynor or the Rev. Ralph E. Cousins, Jr., Rector of the Church of The Advent in Marion, South Carolina, and sometimes by Mr. Paul Davis and Mr. Alex Brunson, lay-readers of St. John's Church, Florence, South Carolina, until the arrival of the Rev. Joseph R. Horn, III from Selma, Alabama - the new Rector of St. John's in Florence, South Carolina, who continued to hold services once a month at Christ Church.
    The present project in 1956 is the building of a cement brick wall, now under construction, to enclose the Cemetery and maybe, in time, the entire Christ Church property.


    End of Part Two of the three parts of the booklet, "Christ Episcopal Church Revisited"; part three consisting of births, deaths, Baptisms, weddings, etc., too extensive to list here. While supplies last, copies of the complete booklet, which includes Part Three, may be available at Christ Church in Florence, All Saints' Church in Florence and Saint John's Church in Florence. A donation of $5.00 or more per copy will be appreciated. Proceeds will go to Christ Church in Florence and Tamassee DAR School -- the Place of the Sunlight of God.

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