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02/18/2017 SERMON



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This history only includes parts one and two of the three parts of the booklet, Christ Episcopal Church Revisited; part three consisting of births, deaths, Baptisms, weddings, etc., too extensive to list here. While supplies last, copies of the complete booklet, including part three, may be available at Christ Church in Florence, All Saints' Church in Florence and Saint John's Church in Florence. A donation of $5.00 or more per copy will be appreciated. Proceeds will go to Christ Church in Florence and Tamassee DAR School -- the Place of the Sunlight of God.

A Project of the Samuel Bacot Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Christ Episcopal Church Revisited

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Christ Episcopal Church
Florence County, South Carolina

Including Cemetery Guide

Second Edition

Notes From The Author

    Christ Episcopal Church Revisited is a project of the Samuel Bacot Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution,Florence, South Carolina. My gratitude is extended to Mrs. Carolyn DeBerry, Chapter Regent, for her steadfast support of this project and to the chapter members for their encouragement as well. I wish to acknowledge: Mrs. Frances Johnson for her assistance in recording and proofing data from the church registers; Mrs. Amelia Wallace for lending me information on Christ Church; Mrs. Sarah Langston for her help with the recording of tombstone information and proofreading; and Mrs. Sarah Montgomery and Mrs. Mills Orr for their help with proofreading.
    Many thanks, also, to Mrs. Nell Morris, Mr. Ferrell Prosser, Mr. Horace Rudisill, Mrs. Frankie Dukes, Miss Laura McFadden, Mr. T. Ashby Gregg, Sr., Dr. Ernest L. Helms, III, Mr. Edward P. Ashby, Jr., Ms. Elizabeth B. Coker, Mrs. Jessie M. Andersen, Mr. G. Walker Duvall, Mrs. Wilmina Todd, Mr. John Orr, Mrs. Nickie Moose, Mr. Bacot Rogers and Mr. Frank M. Rogers,IV.
    It is my hope that the reprinting of Sketches on the History of Christ Church,by Constance A. Gregg, will be of continued interest and assistance to those tied to this lovely church by baptism, confirmation, marriage or death. Although I am not a member of Christ Episcopal Church, I do appreciate and applaud the tremendous efforts of those who have been involved with the life of this church, to the glory of God, since its founding in 1859. Together,Miss Bessie A. Gregg and Mrs. Constance A. Gregg have presented us with a rather informal and loving account of the inception and continued growth of Christ Church.
    The reprinting of Sketches on the History of Christ Church indicates a change in the "Burials" section. In "Part Two" I have included the birth dates and death dates as recorded from each cemetery marker. Otherwise,this book has been reprinted as it was originally typed with some minor editorial and typogaphical corrections. With the immeasurable support and assistance from Mrs. Alice Bultman Beaty, I have brought forward to the present all baptisms, marriages and burials. Also included are all confirmations since 1855. My deepest gratitude is extended to Mrs. Beaty for her encouragement, guidance, wisdom and the many hours she has spent working with me on this project. Her help has been invaluable. Finally, a map of the cemetery is included in "Part Two" for the purpose of serving as a tombstone marker guide.
    As a member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, I have become increasingly interested in genealogy and history. It is with love for God, family and country that I present Christ Episcopal Church Revisited. I truly hope that this book will be of interest and assistance to those of you tracing your family trees, and that it will be a loving reminder of your ancestors and a treasure for your descendants.

Susan Harper Hearon




Notes From The Author i
Forward                          Constance A. Gregg iii
A Sketch of Christ Episcopal Church, Florence County,
        South Carolina                    Written by Bessie A. Gregg
Two Records of Later Events: 11
        A Few Years before Christ Church became
                   Officially an Organized Mission of the Diocese. 12
        Christ Church as an Organized Mission. 13
                                                Compiled by Constance Ashby Gregg


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